To carry out the presentation of a research project, the scientific person in charge must send to OPBA (

  1. "Project Proposal’ according to Legislative Decree No. 26, Art 31, paragraph 2 of 4.3.2014
  2. ‘Presentation scheme of the project’ according to Annex VI of the Legislative Decree No. 26 of 4.3.2014
  3. ‘Non-technical summary of the project’ IX Legislative Decree No. 26 of 4.3.2014
  4. Self-certified statement provided pursuant to Art. 46, paragraph 1, letter aa of the Italian Presidential Decree of 28 December 2000 ‘Legislative provisions concerning administrative documentation’, about the absence of final judgments, or according to art. 444 code of criminal procedure (c.p.p.), for one of the offences referred to in Articles 544-bis, 544-ter of the Criminal Code (Codice Penale) (189/2004), as well as for those referred to in Articles 4 and 5 of Law of 4 November 2010, No. 201; enclosing a copy of the identity document, signed and dated.

The documentation for the authorisation request, with CEISA opinion, will be sent to the Ministry by OpBA via certified e-mail address. OpBA will inform the person in charge when sending the project to the Ministry, in accordance with Art. 26 of the Legislative Decree. No. 26/2014.